Zeus 3.0

May 3 - 5 Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam
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Zeus 3.0

ieee rit sb presents zeus 3.0 in association with startup bootcamp rit

The King of Gods is back!! The epitome of all events is striking with its utmost glory on May 3rd!!
Gear up! Fill your weekend with the everlasting memories of your life. It's not just fun.. Not just tech.. We have the best blend of both for you in store!!
Pack your bags and be here at RIT on May 3,4,5 and be our guest!

We unite... We inspire...

What's Included

3 days of amazing workshops to invoke the engineer in you!!
3 days of exciting competitions to pump up your adrenaline levels!!
3 days of pure fun and entertainment that you have never seen before!!

What more do the engineer in you need than the perfect combo of information and enjoyment??

What's Zeus 3.0


Eager to know and learn about modern day cryptocurrency and blockchain technology?

Zeus 3.0 presents to you a one day workshop which aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology by focusing on how to address the implementation challenges and benefit from the innovation and disruption that this technology brings along.

In assosiation with Startup Bootcamp RIT

Smart Watch

Ever wondered what runs behind in a smart watch that makes many tasks available at our reach?
ZEUS 3.0 has in store for you a smart watch development workshop.Be a part of it and grab all the knowledge and skills you need to develop the same.

Managerial workshop

Ever thought about brushing up your managing skills and learn what a manager does?
Best quality Managerial workshop awaits you this May 3,4,5 as part of ZEUS 3 .0 at RIT!
Bring out the enthusiast in you..

Lots of fun

What is fun for you? It's time you change your definition of fun.
Experience ZEUS 3.0 and fun will be just one word for you.. and that will be ZEUS for sure. Don't miss the chance!


Zeus is hosting amazing speakers from all around India. Listed below are our confirmed speakers. More to come..

You are requested to make the payment online
Amount : Rs1300(IEEE Member) or Rs1600(Non IEEE)

For RIT deligates : Rs850(IEEE Member) or Rs 1000(Non IEEE)
Contact: Jishnu (8089596659) & Abhijith (9495227187)

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Zeus 3.0

On 3rd May. Be there on time!